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Vocal Coaching

With my background as a singer in bands and as a solo artist, I offer lessons that are fun and informative.  I work with a wide range of ability levels, from teenage to any age beyond!   The music genres I cover are rock, pop, soul, singer-songwriter, and jazz.  Please note I do not teach students under the age of 16. 

Choosing vocal coaching with me will definitely not mean endless scales, although we will look after your voice by using technically proven exercises to strengthen and improve your vocal technique.  Lessons will allow you to try out songs of your choice, focusing on how to put that song across effectively.  Lessons can be recorded and an MP3 emailed to you, so that you can listen back and reflect on what you have worked on, or what we have discussed together.  This also allows you to chart your progress.

As I still perform, write, live and breathe music, I am passionate about passing that knowledge and enthusiasm on to you, and will take a genuine interest in who you are and what you want to achieve.  Most of all, we'll have FUN!!!

I am qualified to HND level in Music Performance,  have studied vocal anatomy, and have certified skills in counselling and coaching.  My lessons look at the "whole person" and are tailored to each individual.   

For more information on my career as a vocalist please go to Biography page.


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