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Were you once involved with music and left it aside for a "real job" or family commitments?  Or, perhaps you have been longing to progress your singing and songwriting but lack confidence due to your age?  Look no further!
Louise works with people in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s, developing their vocal skills, songwriting skills, and building their confidence to take their music and performing out into the world.  
Having recorded for independent and major record labels, as well as self-releasing her own material, Louise's extensive experience in the music industry provides you with first-hand knowledge and support.
Should you need help with barriers to achieving your goals, her qualifications in counselling and coaching can make the difference between your ideas staying exactly that - just ideas!

To find out more, call or text 07923 302998.

"There are two mentalities in this business.  There's the performer who's primarily mechanical, and somewhat mercenary, good and brilliant many times, but surely not an artist. He's in the business to make money, and that's how he approaches it.   An artist is concerned with giving something that has depth, meaning, that someone can go to later on when they need it, and put it on, and pull themselves back together...because life is tough.  That's an artist.  If he's good and if he's true to himself he can be just as wealthy as the other type of individual.  But even if he never gets wealthy, he's wealthy anyway.  And he'll always be rich. "
Marvin Gaye

M: 07923 302998
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