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"Louise is a brilliant vocal coach who encourages and motivates her students to improve and become more confident with every lesson.  She truly makes an effort to create a teaching environment that is both relaxed and welcoming, and also lets students learn at their own pace; so lessons never feel intimidating or daunting.  Louise is also an established artist herself, so will always encourage students to find their own style, whilst providing essential knowledge and advice.  Most importantly, she is also a very positive and kind person, who will always help you to see the best side of your voice; as well as eliminating the self-doubt that every performer faces."

Paul, Glasgow 


"Louise has a unique personality, both in class and on stage.  Soulfulness and true artistry are the foundations of her approach to singing, song writing and vocal coaching.  She has a natural instinct in understanding the true nature of a song, and she will provide you with the necessary resources to ensure that that is reflected in your own song writing.  I am utterly indebted to Louise for the invaluable advice and feedback she has given me during the writing and preparation of my first release as a solo artist."

Oskar, Barcelona


"Louise was working with my daughter on breathing techniques and stage presence.  She is a wonderful coach and mentor and has a very calming nature.  She puts her pupils completely at ease as they work through their lessons.  I would recommend Louise to anyone looking to improve their vocal technique."

Lesley, Glasgow


"Louise is a fantastic teacher!  She has been a great guide, listening to me as an individual, and providing effective advice.  Her lessons are always well planned and I feel that with her intelligent, deliberate, yet responsive approach, you just can't help but see progress."

Graham, Glasgow


"Singing comes from a deep place and it can be hard at the start to let your voice out in vocal lessons.  Louise makes it possible with a mixture of sensitivity, intuition and teacherly skill, which I can’t recommend highly enough.  She has an incredible ability to listen and then impart knowledge and encouragement and I’ve left every lesson with what feel like pure gold nuggets of vocal advice.  There is work, humour and progress in every lesson and I have made huge leaps forward through vocal coaching with Louise."
Jo, London

"Thanks for all your advice.  You helped me realise I need to stop apologising for myself and do what I'm trying to do." 
Chiara, Glasgow

"Thanks for the fun lesson - it's really helped my confidence."
Alex, Dumfries

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